Online Applications

An online application takes the form of a website, with pages, links and forms, but primarily has the same functions as a software application you might run on your PC. Well known examples of online applications are Gmail (managing email), eBay (auctions) and Amazon (retail). Simply speaking, a website’s primary function is to impart information to visitors whereas an online application collects, processes and and imparts information (or data).

Baby with laptopAn example of an online application could be for a retailer needing a secure online system to store and process customer, supplier and order data, automatically produce formatted documents (e.g. quotes, purchase orders and invoices) send out order tracking emails and produce comprehensive reports. Advantages of such a system over installed (offline) applications are as follows:

  • Availability – being online, the application is available to login to from any PC with an internet connection (e.g. the office, a hotel, home or even the beach!)
  • No multi computer software installations / updates required – the software is stored in one place, your web server
  • Instant updates, an improvement could be thought of, discussed, implemented, tested and rolled out live in minutes
  • Flexible and bespoke – the application will do exactly what you need it to, no more, no less
  • Reasonable costs – especially when compared to say, buying 10 – 50 software licenses for all your employees for 5 years…
  • Mobile ready – versions of the application can be provided for use on smartphones / handheld devices

One of the largest projects I have worked on, for a well known national weight loss company, was to specify, build, test and maintain an comprehensive online application to run the entire multi million pound business. Key features include storage of vital data for tens of thousands of clients, providing 24 hour, browser based access for hundreds of employees and providing optimised, real time reporting on large amounts of data. I have personally been solely responsible for the build and maintenance of this system since 2004.

I have over 10 years experience in planning, specifying, managing, building, testing and maintaining online applications with considerable experience in the following industries / sectors for which I can provide examples and current references.

  • Lifestyle / Weight Loss
  • Legal / Conveyancing
  • Retail / Manufacturing
  • Event Management

Features / key elements of my online software applications and projects include:

  • Security – safety and security of vital and often confidental company and client data
  • Scaleability – ensuring the finished project is easy to modify, build upon and expand to suit your business
  • Communication – discussing your requirements in plain english
  • Documentation – providing technically comprehensive and well written specifications and manuals etc
  • Longevity – being available to work with you to develop your application long into the future

If you or your company / organisation needs online software development, maintenance and / or consultation with a reliable, knowledgable and experienced partner, call me on 07557 955212 or email.

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