Mailshot Email Services

EmailSending HTML emails responsibly and safely to a specific mailing list of recipients is the solution of choice for companies / organisations needing to notify people of events / news / offers etc. I can offer any of the following email services individually or together as a one stop solution for your bulk email / mailshot requirements:

  • Layout / Design – creating a professional email to promote your event or news
  • HTML conversion – converting the design into an HTML page ready to email
  • Testing – ensuring your email can be viewed by all compatible software (e.g. Outlook, Hotmail etc)
  • Sending the finished email to everyone on your mailing list

Also, I can optionally include features such as:

  • A link on the email to view it as a web page – I can make the email viewable online for an agreed duration
  • An unsubscribe link linking to your software to automatically remove the recipient from your mailing list
  • Including attachments with each email sent or links within the email to download any file(s)
  • Producing a PDF version of the email

For more information on these email services please call me on 07557 955212 or email.

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