Solo Projects

Having started to play guitar aged about 11, I got the bug proper a couple of years later and was soon starting to try to write songs. My first recording experience was with my Dad, recording a few songs I’d written on his Yamaha Cassette 4 Track to enter a competition in Guitarist magazine. Nothing came of the competition but the experience got me into the recording process and I was soon borrowing the 4 Track and recording my own songs regularly through my mid to late teens. Listening back, I’m rather proud of some of them (and embarassed by others!) but I don’t quite have the courage to upload any of these early attempts…

90s-studioIn my late teens, I got very into House music and DJing so starting to work in a local music shop at 21 gave me the opportunity to learn about how sequenced music is produced and slowly build up a home studio, initially made up of a hardware sequencer, 16 channel mixer and various (mostly) analogue synths and then progressing (due to a lack of space in my bedroom) to this, all housed in a 6 foot rack!

I then pared my studio down to an Akai sampler with  a PC running Cakewalk and started producing entirely sample based techno. Next, a few years after selling my hardware studio a friend introduced me to Propellorheads Reason software and I soon became addicted – all the music production power of a large studio without the hassle, space or financial outlay! I got into producing remixes of well known songs, an example clip below.

Having had a break from writing / producing music for a while, about 5 years ago I bought a Yamaha 24 track digital studio and firstly started recording my own songs playing all acoustic instruments, example below.

I then bought a Roland electronic drum kit and Line 6 Pod and started recording entirely digitally (example below), this recording set up was also used to demo early Housework songs

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