Purple Rocket Amplifiers

AmpsA few months back, having sold my trusty Fender ’65 Reissue Blackface Twin (beautiful but too heavy and loud for the venues I play), there was an amp shaped void in my life. I didn’t want to spend thousands on one of my dream amps (e.g. Two Rock, Fuchs or Boogie Mk 1 reissue) but also couldn’t face getting yet another Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I wanted the impossible – boutique sounds and quality but at a reasonable price. I’d almost given up and was discussing this quandary with a technician friend of mine…

He knew a chap who’d been lovingly hand building amps for years (describing him as the UK’s Alexander Dumble!) but up until that point had not ever sold any however, he said he’d ask him anyway. Considering all of this, I was rather surprised when my tech friend said that not only did he have one amp he might consider selling but actually two and would arrange for me to borrow them…

A short while later I had delivery of the 2 ‘Purple Rocket Amplifiers’ (pictured opposite) and tried them out through an 80’s Pro Amp 2×12 (with Celestion speakers) I’d recently bought. I was instantly blown away by both and after a flurry of emails with the very friendly and helpful chap who’d built them, I’d struck a deal for the pair!

The top head is a Marshall JTM45 clone and was hand built / wired using the very best components available – it really does sound beautiful and is so touch / volume responsive.

Here it is, up at a decent volume on a multi tracked live recording of a recent local blues jam using my Epiphone Sheraton with Gibson pickups (panned left in the mix):

Here’s another from another jam, this time using a 70’s Yamaha SF700 (also panned left in the mix):

I’m told the bottom head isn’t a clone of anything specific but is built to the same very high standards and is beautifully simple – volume and EQ driving 2 6L6 valves putting out approx 40 watts. To me it sounds Fendery but a little like Two Rock amps too (never a bad combination!) and responds fantastically to a Strat with a good overdrive pedal.

If you’d like to contact the chap who built these Purple Rocket Amplifiers, drop me an email

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